How to edit a wiki.Edit

You can edit this wiki in either visual mode, which lets you see the page as it will look, while you are editing it, or in source mode, which lets you see the "wikitext" code that the computer actually reads.

In visual mode, the third icon from the left, at the top of the page, allows you to create a link. If you highlight the text where you want the link, it will let you create a link to another page on the wiki. If the page exists, it will show up as blue, if it doesn't exist, the link will show up in red. If you click on a red link, it invites you to create a page with that name.

There are several things you can do in source mode that you can't in visual mode. If you want to copy text from another file, such as a Word document, it is better to paste it into source mode; otherwise it copies a whole paragraph of formatting commands for every line of text. In source mode, it will just copy the text, but you may have to add some formatting back in, such as paragraph breaks.

You can also create redirect pages, add categories, add references, and insert some special characters using source mode.

A redirect page is a way to create a link to an actual page, if someone searches for it under a different name. For example, sowbugs may also be called isopods, pillbugs, roly-polies, or woodlice. So, if you created a page called "sowbugs", you might want to create a redirect page called "pillbugs". You can click on the contribute button, choose add a page, then go to source mode. Click the "more" button. On the top line of choices, is one that reads #REDIRECT [[]] . You type the name of the page you want the redirect to point to inside the brackets.

Ideas for how to use this WikiEdit

The first county nature wiki was first created as a place to put information from a nature-study class for homeschooled students in Herkimer County, NY. This wiki is for Fulton County. For a class project, teachers can add to the list of organisms that have been found in Fulton County, and add more information and links, so students can explore topics in more depth after class. Students can research topics and share what they have found with others by adding it to the wiki.

Other ideas?

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