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This is a place to learn about and descibe the plants, animals, and other natural things in Fulton County, NY. It was started as a project for a nature-study class, but is open to anyone who wants to contribute by editing or adding pages.

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This wiki was created as a place to collect and share information about plants, animals, and other aspects of nature in Fulton County, NY. There are many resources that discuss groups of living things, or specific organisms, on a general scale, but for someone who lives here, a local resource may be more useful. We need your help to make this a useful resource. Feel free to edit or add pages, and share your knowledge with other nature-lovers in Fulton county. If you have ideas on ways this wiki can be useful, feel free to add them to the page on how to use this wiki. If you create an account with Wikia, you can log in and choose a user name; otherwise any edits you make will show your IP address.

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Climate and weather

Natural areas in Fulton County


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    New page: It is my hope that if this county nature wiki is useful, similar wikis may be created for other counties. So far, these are the ones that exist: ...
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    New page: How to edit a wiki.Edit You can edit this wiki in either visual mode, which lets you see the page as it will look, while you are editing it, or in...
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    New page: The following is a list of the major groups of Animals found in Fulton County: Contents[show] Phylum PlatyhelminthesEdit Phylum NematodaEdit Phylum...
    Summary: copied animals page from Herkimer County
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    New page: Most plants are green, and produce their own food with energy from sunlight. They can be grouped in several ways: by form of growth (trees are tall...
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    Hello, We're excited to have Fulton County nature Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do; here are some help... 

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