Most plants are green, and produce their own food with energy from sunlight. They can be grouped in several ways: by form of growth (trees are tall and have woody stems), by habitats where they are found, or by their scientific classification, or taxonomy.

Classification of PlantsEdit

List of Plants found in Fulton County:

Green AlgaeEdit

Division Chlorophyta
Division Charophyta


Division Marchantiophyta. Liverworts.
Division Anthoceratophyta. Hornworts
Division Bryophyta. Mosses


Division Lycopodiophyta. Club mosses.
Division Pteridophyta
subclass Equisetidae. Horsetails
subclass Polypodiidae. Ferns

Seed plantsEdit


Division Cycadophyta (not native to Fulton County)
Division Ginkgophyta (one species, the ginkgo tree)
Division Pinophyta (pines and related plants)
Division Gnetophyta (not native to Fulton county)


Division Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)

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